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The aurora is the awe-inspiring phenomenon of iridescent bands of green, red, yellow, pink, purple and white lights swirling around the sky, created as the result of high energy particles from space and the sun slamming into the earth’s magnetic field. Their impact pushes them down into the atmosphere – 60 to over 250 miles above our heads – where they produce a striking variety of shapes and colours. 





Take connecting flight TK1981 IST-LGW and then EZY8507 LGW-REF. Arrive at Reykjavik. Now your adventure starts! When you land at the airport, you will instantly be greeted with the uniqueness that is Iceland, getting a first hand view of the barren lands from your airplane window, as you land in the Reykjanes peninsula.

When you have gathered your luggage, head ot the arrival shall where your guide and driver will be ready to meet you and take you to your bus. On the way to the city, you will pass through the blackened lava fields of Reykjanes peninsula. In the distance you will see the Conical Volcano Keilir, which now lies dormant, and the steam rising from the geothermal springs that form the Blue Lagoon.

When you have arrived at your hotel and settled in, you will be able to rest after your flight and relax in privacy. In the evening, you will then head out for dinner at a Halal restaurant, and enjoy your first evening in Reykjavík.




Today, you'll visit the three most famous sites in Iceland; Þingvellir National Park, the Geysir area at Haukadalur valley and Gullfoss waterfall. This route is commonly known as ‘The Golden Circle’. Þingvellir National Park is a site of great importance to Icelanders; it is there the country’s parliament, Alþingi was founded over a thousand years ago. It is also a site of geological wonders as it lies in a rift valley that marks the boundary between two tectonic plates; the Eurasian and the North American plates. The continental drift between these plates can clearly be seen in the deep crevasses and canyons traversing the area. Popular HBO series ‘Game of Thrones’ took advantage of the beautiful surroundings at Þingvellir and filmed some scenes there.

The next stop is the geothermal area of Geysir in Haukadalur valley. This is the home of the great Geysir hot spring, the first geyser to be described in a printed source. Geysir has been active for over 10,000 years, although he doesn’t erupt much anymore. However, the nearby hot spring Strokkur, is much more dependable. Erupting every 5-10 minutes, reaching heights of 15-20 metres.

The last stop of your Golden Circle route is the Waterfall Gullfoss. This 32-metre high, two-tiered waterfall hurls glacial water from the river Hvítá with such extreme force that those standing too close are drenched with the water, as droplets fly up and over the rocks on the edge

From there you will continue to the Fosshótel Hekla Country Hotel, named after the Volcano Hekla, but according to many European legends this mountain is the gateway to Hell itself. Still active, and last erupting in February 2000, the mountain is much loved by the natives for its beauty. The evening will offer a northern lights hunt in the southern lowlands, seeking to enjoy the Aurora at the backdrop of lovely mountains and pastures.




The South Coast Of Iceland is filled with breathtaking wonders and today begins your trip along it. Your day will start early, so be ready and wear clothing according to weather. Layers, waterproof outerwear, a hat and gloves are recommended, as well as good hiking boots to carry you through the day.

The first part of your travel will go past the glacier Volcano Eyjafjallajökull. As you enjoy the scenery, you can relax a bit before you reach your destinations for the day. First, you will see Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, a high but narrow waterfall that tumbles down 65 metres of the cliffs of Eyjafjöll mountains. This drop makes Seljalandsfoss one of the highest cascades in Iceland. Behind the curtain of water is a small cave in which people can walk if the pathway leading up to it isn’t too icy.

Up next is another waterfall; the stunning Skógafoss. This is one of the biggest cascades in Iceland, with the width of 25 metres and a 60-metre drop. The high volume of water makes the waterfall thunder and creates a rainbow-producing mist on sunny days. Both waterfalls have been featured in the motion picture Dilwale, where both the unique view of the waterfall cave of Seljalandsfoss and the great mass of Skógafoss featured in a lovely scene. But your day of Dilwale is not over! As you continue, you will hike to the air wreck site of a DC3 airplane which lies abandoned in the black desert of Sólheimasandur, under the glacier Mýrdalsjökull glacier, which also appeared in the film, before heading to your hotel, from where you can see the headlands stretch into the Atlantic ocean.

For those who thirst for adventure, an optional excursion to the high ridges of Sólheimajökull glacier tongue (9,000 ISK/ RM370) will be available for an additional fee. On the glacier hike, you will be accompanied by an expert glacier guide, and equipped with all the safety equipment needed, and specialised glacier gear. You will be taken to the high cracks and ridges of the glacier where no vehicle can go, and learn both the basics of glacier hiking and ice-axe handling for climbing. The tour is suitable for all who are in decent physical conditions, and is classified as ‘Easy’ so all those who do not battle any mobility issues should be able to participate. You will be spending the night at the Hólel Dyrhólaey, from where a northern lights hunt will be planned this evening, weather permitting.




On this day your journey along the coast will continue. To begin the day, you’ll head on out to Reynisfjara Beach, a gorgeous black sand beach enclosed by cliffs of black basalt columns. There you can enjoy the fascinating scenery with views of Dyrhólaey Rock Arch and Reynisdrangar basalt sea stacks. The waves at Reynisfjara beach are very treacherous and unpredictable so take extra care when visiting the area. The area might seem familiar, but that is because the motion picture Dilwale was shot in this location.

You will press on towards the Skaftafell Nature Reserve, nestled under the largest glacier in Iceland, Vatnajökull. Skaftafell is another recognizable place, as it was features on the HBO show Game of Thrones. Your guide will be sure to impress, both by taking you to marvellous locations and then by teaching you a thing or two about the glaciers of Iceland.

Skaftafell nature reserve has a wide array of walking paths and hikes of various lengths, and a very much recommended hike is the 5 km walk to Svartifoss Waterfall, hidden in a canyon above the Visitor Centre. Please note that this hike and this visit is very weather dependant. After that, you will continue your journey along the coast until you reach the Jöulsárlón Glacier Lagoon. The lagoon and it’s smaller counterpart Fjallsárlón, is particularly beautiful in low light, the floating ice sparkling in shades of gold. It has featured in many films and TV shows, everything from James Bond, to The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Tomb Raider, Dilwale, and many others. Home to seals and fish, the lagoon is teeming with life, and the beach nearby has earned the nickname ‘The Diamond Beach’ due to the broken chunks of ice that rest on the dark sand, giving the illusion of precious stones on satin.

At the end of the day, we will attempt to hunt the northern lights as they hopefully will dance above the glacier. Today, remember to wear good shoes, preferably waterproof and reaching over the ankle, and good waterproof outer layers. As before, always dress according to the weather. At the end of the day, you will head to your hotel at the Fosshótel Vatnajökull.




Leaving the south coast behind, you'll head eastward, travelling the dramatic coast with its jagged peaks and steep mountains. Idyllic Fishing Villages and zig-zagging mountain roads are the themes for the day as you cross over Fjords and small bays that are hosts to some of Iceland's more extraordinary wildlife.

For those who’d like to start the day in style, an optional excursion to the ice caves in Vatnajökull Glacier (15,000 ISK/ RM610) will be available in the morning, at an added fee. If you option for that additional excursion, you will be taken to the Glacier Lagoon to meet up with your guides who will take you on a super jeep ride up to the glacier to the unique Ice caves that exist there. Those incredible structures are only accessible in winter, and offer a unique view of the glacier from the inside, where the age old ice has turned royal blue in colour, lined with white. This excursion is listed as Easy and is suitable for all who do not have general mobility issues.

The whole group will then continue their travel by passing the Vestrahorn Mountains, features in the film Dilwale, where the strange jagged peaks rise above the beaches below, before continuing into the eastern fjords proper.

Each fjord seems to have its tiny village, and the valleys are lined with long-standing farmsteads. Though the East is sleepy today, it used to be a centre of commerce and a port for many European fishing boats. Many French ships landed in the eastern fjords, earning the town of Fáskrúðsfjörður the nickname "The French Town," and still today you will see street signs in both Icelandic and French.

Impressive and accessible hiking paths are all around, along with small natural harbours and breathtaking views. The tiny town is quiet and calming, and will surely give you time to rest and relax among the old houses and serene landscape, and the calming surroundings will give a wonderful opportunity to go look for the northern lights after dark, before retiring to our hotel.




Today, you will head to the famous Lake Mývatn. This gorgeous site is a geological wonder with bubbling mud pools, volcanoes and incredible lava formations.

After taking in the Skútustaðagígar Craters, you'll visit the Dimmuborgir lava field. The lava structures there, forming holes, towers and strangely shaped crags of lava rock, are called the "dark cities" because of their unsettling appearance. It is said that the elves hide here, and sometimes trolls too.

Next, you'll see the underground hot spring Grjótagjá, steaming in the chilly air. Hverir, a geothermal field, is your next destination. This area is filled with bubbling hot springs and gaseous fumaroles, a stark contrast to the cold Icelandic weather. The whole Mývatn area features dramatically in Game of Thrones with Grjótagjá perhaps being one of the best known locations, often dubbed Jon and Ygritte’s Love Nest. The crew spent months in the area in high winter, using the faint icelandic daylight to capture iconic scenes in the area.

Now that you've experienced the temperamental beauty of the earth, You’ll continue a bit further, to the township of Akureyri. On your way you will pass the Goðafoss Fall, where it is said that the old chieftains renounced the old gods at the insistence of the Christian King of Norway. As you reach Eyjafjörður and the Akureyri township, you will have the evening to relax and enjoy this small town nestled under the impressive Súlur mountain peak. On the way to Akureyri, weather permitting, we will be able to scout for the Auroras, hopefully locating them in the valleys of the north.




Today, you'll return to the Capital City, Reykjavík. Use the time in Akureyri to shop, stroll the town square, or enjoy breakfast or a cup of coffee in one of the small cafés in the area, before boarding your flight back to Reykjavík in the afternoon.

When you arrive in Reykjavík you’ll be transported to your hotel in the city centre, after which you will embark on a guided Reykjavík sightseeing tour, taking you to all the major landmarks and sites of interest in the greater capital area, such as Hallgrímskirkja Church, and Höfði House. Then you will have time to walk around the city and visit any of the many restaurants, galleries or museums which interest you. Find your favourite exhibition at a museum such as the National Museum or the Saga Museum, both dedicated to history and culture. The evening will offer possible northern lights hunt on this last eve in Iceland. Make the most of any time you have in Reykjavík to enjoy your last evening in Iceland.




Your last day in Iceland! We’re so sad to see you go! When you’re all packaged and ready, it is time to leave Reykjavík behind and head once more to the Reykjanes peninsula, where a lovely good-bye treat awaits you: a good, relaxing Geothermal soak.

On your way to the airport, you'll make a stop in the ink black lava fields of the Reykjanes peninsula, where the world renowned oasis the Blue Lagoon hides among moss topped lava formations. The silica mud in the water is said to have great healing properties for skin and be relaxing for muscles, so this is a perfect end to a lovely trip. Make sure to have your swimsuits at ready and a toiletry bag with you for your visit. At the Lagoon you can recharge before your flight home, and enjoy a fulfilling sensory experience in the land of diverse nature. When you feel re-energized, it is time to head to the airport and bid farewell to Iceland. Góða ferð heim! Safe journey home.


  • 28 FEB 18 - 12 MAR 18
12500 8700 2000

Package Includes

  • TK economy flight with 30kg baggage KUL-LGW- KUL and return LGW-REF-LGW 20kg
    • TK61 28FEB KUL/IST 2355/0620
    • TK 1981 01MAR IST/LGW 0805/0920
    • EZY8507 01MAR LGW/REF 1530/1850
    • EZY8508 08MAR REF/LGW 1925/2235
    • TK1998 12MAR LGW/IST 1640/2340
    • TK60 13MAR IST/KUL 0155/1720
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  • Meals
  • Entrances
  • Transportation as per itinerary
  • Tour guide 
  • Comprehensive travel insurance.

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  • Tipping & others not mentioned in the itinerary.
  • *Note: Rate subject to change without prior notice in the event that the number of pax is reduced and due to currency fluctuation.


  • Rate subject to change without prior notice in the event that the number of pax is reduced and due to currency fluctuation withour prior notice
  • The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon, and therefore cannot be guaranteed, but this itinerary is designed to maximize your chances to see them if weather allows.
  • It can happen, in the case of extreme weather, that an activity is cancelled. If your chosen activity is cancelled, we will assist you with rearranging or booking other activities when possible, and any potential price difference will be refunded to you.
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