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Booking Policy

Booking Policy

    • Cancellation charges made by Member Travel:
      • ARTICLE 3.2.1
        • Cancellations must be in writing to avoid misunderstandings, if the Company receives notice to cancel 45 days or more before departure, minimum administrative fee of RM 50.00 or 2% of the tour fare (according to which any higher) per person.
      • ARTICLE 3.2.2
        • If notice of cancellation is received 44 days or less before departure, the following charges will apply: 
          • Cancellations received     Cancellation Charges for Every Person
            • 22-44 days before departure : Disarmament Deposit
            • 15-21 days before departure : 35% of tour fare
            • 08-14 days before departure : 50% of tour fare
            • 03-07 days before departure : 75% of tour fare
            • 02 days or less before departure : 100% of tour fare
      • ARTICLE 3.2.3
        • Cancellation policy of each airline for special promotional fare shall apply in addition to the cancellation charges as specified in clause 3.2.2 (Note: - Air travel is limited and apply to the Airline Terms & Conditions . It may not be endorsed, may not be reproduced, can not be given a refund and can not change the flight route. Any amendment to change the route or travel dates are at the risk of his own.And their affiliated companies or agents are not responsible for any inconvenience caused and extra incurred.